Fun Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re wondering about electronic cigarettes, you are just one of many people raring to understand more about this smoking alternative. After all, it does sound quite promising to have an alternative to normal cigarettes that is cleaner and far less troublesome to use. That said, here are a few fun facts about e-cigs or personal vaporizers.

No Lighters

As the name implies, everything is electronic when it comes to vaporizers. The liquid solution is heated through a battery, producing a vapor which you can then inhale for your dose of nicotine (or just flavored vapor). No more expensive Zippo refills for you!

Nicotine Levels

One great thing with e-cigs is that you can choose from many different cartridges that would deliver varying amounts of nicotine. Thus, if you’re looking to wean yourself off nicotine and eventually just puff flavored vapor due to habit, e-cigs can definitely help you out.

Made in China

Just like a lot of things in the market these days, electronic cigarettes are made in China. In this case, the device was actually invented by a Chinese company called Ruyan, although its production and marketing is now seen in many other companies worldwide.

There are certainly more to e-cigs than meets the eye, and you certainly won’t be able to learn all of these by just listening to what the media says. Just take the time to research and you’ll eventually realize that e-cigs really are a good alternative for regular cigarettes.


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