The Fun in Using E-Cigarettes

One of the objections many people have against traditional tobacco-based cigarettes is the lingering smell that tobacco smoke leaves behind. Unfortunately, non-smokers and even many smokers find the odor of tobacco smoke unpleasant and offensive. Additionally, tobacco smoking also produces an unpleasant aftertaste.

This is one of the disadvantages of cigarette smoking that appears to have been addressed by electronic cigarettes. These products make use of a device that boils a liquid comprised of nicotine, flavoring, and other substances, to produce a vapour which the user then inhales. As the vapour comes from flavored liquid, the taste sensation users get is far more pleasant than what they experience with traditional cigarettes.

The variety of e-liquid flavors has also increased over the years, ranging from fruity to spicy, thus catering to the different preferences of users. Likewise, they leave a pleasant scent which non-users generally find inoffensive.

E-cigarettes also come in several designs that make the experience more fun for many users. Some mimic the appearance of traditional cigarettes, while others come in different shapes and a variety of colors. Furthermore, many users of e-cigarettes say the device helps them cut down on their nicotine intake, which is a step towards ceasing smoking altogether because they can control the amount of e-liquid they consume.


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