Facts You should Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming the household name for a safe and healthy way to indulge in your smoking habit without endangering your health. Believe it or not, these cigarettes have been invented way back in the 1960s but has only flown as high as it did in the market in the last decade. Continue reading


A Few Tips on Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette For You

Finding the best electronic cigarette for first-timers require a bit of research, however, and while it may be tempting to buy the first product that they see from the shelf, it’s best to go with those that are easy to use so they don’t have to deal with the complexities of a product that’s new to them. Newbies to e-cigs can put together their own e-cig kits and buy rechargeable batteries and different flavors separately. Better yet, they can rely on online stores that offer all-in-one e-cig starter kits.

There are a lot of limitations associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. Those who have active lifestyles going from one public place to another can look into products like e-cigarettes from companies like Vapetime UK to satisfy their smoking craving without turning off non-smokers. For first-timers, it is all a matter of choosing the most user-friendly one.

High Quality E Liquid Make Vaping A Pleasurable Experience for Smokers

Presently, more and more smokers are switching to e-cigarettes mainly because they are cheaper and are perceived to be healthier than tobacco-based cigarettes. Unlike the latter, e-cigarettes do not contain tar that can stain a person’s skin and teeth, and cause or aggravate certain respiratory diseases. Another reason smokers are switching to e-cigarettes is the wide selection of e liquid flavors, which many find more pleasing and less offensive than the taste of tobacco.

Another benefit of e-cigarettes to smokers is that they are permitted in public places where tobacco cigarettes are banned. With the absence of tar from e-cigarette vapors, the risks associated with second-hand smoke from tobacco are greatly reduced, if not totally eliminated, making them less harmful to people around the smoker. Additionally, high-quality eliquid from reputable suppliers such as Vape Time, leaves a mild scent that others in the same room as the smoker typically find pleasant and inoffensive.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

You’ve recently heard about e-cigarettes from a friend, and now you can’t stop thinking about the possibilities. The timing is simply perfect since you’ve been meaning to quit smoking after several failed attempts. However, before giving e-cigarettes a try, you naturally wish to know exactly how they work. Don’t worry, though, since many companies sell all-in-one starter kits for beginners that come with easy instructions. Continue reading

The Best Electronic Cigarette Product You Can Find in the Market Today

Vapetime UK already carries good value products which work exceptionally well, but for all those people frustrated with replacing their clearomizers regularly, we now have 2 excellent options to combat this issue which are really worth trying. In the long run, these options are very cost effective and work beautifully well, offering an amazing vape that also looks far more desirable than any standard plastic clearomizer. These ideal for use with the best electronic cigarette product you can find in the market.

Firstly, we have the Davide mini glassomizer. This is a stainless steel 1.8ml clearomizer with a Pyrex glass chamber which uses any Kanger Evod, Kanger Protank, or Anyvape Davide coils. This Glassomizer has a huge advantage over other clearomizers as it is fully rebuild-able, so if any of the parts need renewing, you can simply just buy these parts. In addition to this, the Davide mini glassomizer can be fully disassembled to ensure it can be cleaned thoroughly.

Vape Time UK Offers Top-Quality E-Cigarette and E Liquid Brands

All of our batteries are tried and tested for longevity and functionality by us here and we wouldn’t sell them unless we used them ourselves. Not many companies in the e-cigarette industry break everything open to check the manufacturing quality, but we do this to ensure our customers have a peace of mind, knowing that they are in safe hands.

We have an excellent range of eliquid flavours to suit all tastes and nicotine levels and we carry both Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) bases for the customers who prefer one or the other. Our e-liquid suppliers are very established within the developed US market and all come with ingredients listed on the bottles and go through a rigid quality control process to ensure our customers know what they are vaping is of a superior standard within this new industry.