Make Healthy Puffs with a Safe E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes are widely believed to be relatively safe. However, e-cigarette smokers have to apply caution in the use of these devices. U.K. fire chiefs suggest using only components in the e-cigarette kit and to charge the unit based on the kit’s specific instructions. These professionals also suggest attending to the unit when charging rather than leaving it alone. Continue reading


The Best Electronic Cigarette: An Alternative to Traditional Cigs

First, e cigarettes do not have that distinctly unpleasant odour that cigarettes emit. Cigarette smoke has a cloying scent—coming from burning tar and chemicals—that can permeate and cling to a person’s hair, clothing, and possessions. While cigarette smokers are often oblivious to this odour, non-smokers and those who have recently quit smoking notice the unpleasant smell immediately.

Second, smoking e cigarettes is more affordable than smoking traditional cigarettes. As the cost of tobacco continues to rise throughout the EU, largely due to the rising cost of tobacco production and taxes, smoking traditional cigarettes can set a person back financially. While the cost of a complete e cigarette starter kit may seem hefty, the month-to-month cost of smoking e cigarettes is significantly lower when compared with traditional cigarettes.,%20e%20cigarette%20starter%20kit

Buying The Right E-Cigarette Starter Kit

The advent of electronic cigarettes gave way to the burgeoning of a lot of inexpensive brands in the market. Time and again, we have proven that cheap ones are often of inferior quality, so before you grab an e-cigarette starter kit, it pays to take a closer look at all the options. Some e-cigs carry a hefty price tag because of quality, while there are those that carry false promises that might make you end up paying for appearance alone. Continue reading

E-liquid Vapour: Why Switching to Electronic Cigarettes is Better

E-cigarettes are odour-free since it is vapour, not smoke, that is exhaled. The e liquid is a mixture of nicotine, water and added flavours. Together with vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, it produces the vapour in e-cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are also “tastier.” They are available in different e-liquid flavours like menthol, fruit, and even cigar (for smokers who fancy the taste of cigar). E-cigarettes from companies like Vapetime UK are arguably a healthier and less-pricey alternative to traditional cigarettes.,e-liquid