Up in Smoke: The Upsides of E-Cigarettes

In the United Kingdom, smoking traditional cigarettes at a public park or a restaurant can be a real drag because someone is always bound to ask the smoker to put out his or her fags. As no one will want to make a big fuss, cigarette smokers usually have no choice but to find another place to smoke or put their cigarettes out. This is something that won’t happen when people use e cigs.

The lack of smell is a bonus of e-cigarettes, making their use more tolerable than traditional cigarettes, which give off an awful tobacco smell. With e-cigs, people don’t have to bother with breath mints or spray or perfume after each use, so it’s a welcome advantage for those who are fond of social gatherings or events. In fact, even Hollywood stars and international supermodels like Kate Moss are big fans of e-cigarettes.

Finding the best electronic cigarette for first-timers require a bit of research, however, and while it may be tempting to buy the first product they see, it’s wise to go with those that are easy to use so they don’t have to deal with the complexities of a new product. Newbies to e-cigs can put together their own e-cig kits and buy rechargeable batteries and different flavours separately. Better yet, they can rely on online stores that offer all-in-one e-cig starter kits.


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