How to Choose Your First E-Cigarette

The cigarette you hold between your fingers hasn’t changed much since James Bonsack invented the cigarette-making machine in 1881. These days though, you’ll see more and more people puffing e-cigarettes instead of the standard rollups—and for good reason. While “e-cigs” (as they’re fondly called by patrons) contain nicotine, they don’t have carbon dioxide or tar like normal cigarettes do, making them a healthier alternative. Aside from being better for your health, e-cigarettes are also cheaper in the long run and won’t leave unpleasant odours.

If you think e-cigs are right for you, make sure to keep these tips in mind when shopping for your starter kit:

Choose the Right Size

If you want to make the transition to smoking e-cigarettes easier, consider starting with mini or “cig-a-like” models, so called because they imitate the look and feel of traditional rollups. As you become more accustomed to it, you can move up to mid-sized or more advanced models that offer stronger or customizable vapour production.

Battery Life Matters

The battery is the heart of all e-cigs, and without it the nicotine liquid cannot be vapourised for your enjoyment. The model you get should have a durable, quality battery that will deliver at least 300 puffs before needing a recharge.

Charging Options

Most starter kits come with a USB charger, but you should also invest in a wall and car adapter for when you don’t have a computer nearby to charge on.


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