E-Liquid Flavours: Adventure in Every Bottle

For most vapers, finding the best flavours is akin to searching for the Holy Grail. There are people who have been vaping for years but are still looking for the one product that will perfectly hit the spot. It’s not just about choosing the brand from the starting mixers to premier e-liquid companies, each one boasts of a flavor to top all others.

The conservative types often stick to the mixes that best replicate the taste of actual cigarettes. Those who are new to vaping will almost always go for regular tobacco, cigar or menthol flavours. As soon as curiosity steps in though, your e-cigarette shopping list will start to have chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and even strawberry e-juices on it.

Some like to tickle their taste buds with banana or strawberry-flavoured mixes. Mint is always a popular choice for vapers who like their e-liquid crisp and fresh. Others go all out with a smorgasbord of flavouring that result to tropical-tasting mixes and divine caramel vapours. For the brave, some of the must-try flavours are Worcestershire sauce, roast beef, crab legs, and of course, bacon.

More and more flavours are being developed to cater to the unique tastes of vapers around the world. You can start your own adventure by picking from the extensive online selection of top e-liquid suppliers like VapeTime. Truly, the quest for the perfect e-liquid flavour is as enjoyable as finding it.


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