Lighting Up: How To Start With E-cigarettes

You’ve seen all these people smoking e-cigarettes and have heard the usual PR spiel: healthier, cheaper and better than normal cigarettes. This has made you curious enough to look around and try to get a handle on how to start “vaping,” as many e-cig users call it. Well, the best way to do so is to get a starter kit.

The problem with that is that there are a lot of e-cigarette starter kits on the market. How is someone supposed to choose from all of them? Before going all in, it would be best to try out e-cigarettes via a friend’s or a disposable one first.

If you liked the experience, it’s on to selecting the starter kit for you. Let’s ignore brand names and get down to the three basics: battery life, reliability and value for money. Battery life is there because you want to enjoy vaping as much as possible, without the constant need to recharge it.

Next is reliability. Malfunctioning equipment is obviously bad, so be sure it works and have the warranty read when it’s not. Finally, there is value for money. Starter kits may have stuff you won’t be able to use that you end up paying for anyway. Make sure everything is useful for you so you won’t be paying extra for nothing. Choose the right starter kit so that your journey into vaping kicks off to a good start.


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