How to Make More Vapour Using E-Cigarettes

Although they appear like cigarettes from afar, complete with smoke, e-cigarettes are completely different. These heatless devices mimic the use of a cigarette, but without the dangers of inhaling dangerous smoke. Instead, users inhale and puff out water vapours that are flavoured by a cartridge within the device. This exhaled vapour is relatively harmless, allowing users to “smoke” even in non-smoking areas.

Those who have made the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes tend to favour thicker and bigger vapours to simulate real smoke. More frequent users of e-cigarettes also prefer thicker vapours, since the clouds deliver even more flavour. To achieve this effect, users first need to fully charge the device in order to supply enough power to the atomizer—the part of the e-cigarette that makes the vapour. Also, it helps to have a cartridge that’s completely filled with juice to ensure enough vapours can be puffed.

E-cigarette enthusiasts have found creative ways to further increase the vapour production of their devices. One method involves taping shut all but one air hole on the device, which makes inhaling with the device harder, but produces deeper vapours. Also, some users have switched from using propylene-based juices to those made with vegetable glycerine, since the latter produces better vapours when atomized.


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