Tips for First-Time Users of E-Cigarettes

Lately, the use of e-cigarettes has been on the rise, and more people are turning to “vaping” as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes have a lot going for them, since they are reusable and are relatively harmless compared to traditional cigarettes and their infamous side effects. While they are used similarly to normal cigarettes in that users only need to puff on them, e-cigarettes have features that first-time users need to be aware of.

Most e-cigarettes are outfitted with automatic batteries designed to heat the loaded liquids the moment users draw upon them, but some enthusiasts insist that the manually activated versions are much better. By manually heating the liquid before puffing, users can generate even bigger vapours. Additionally, users can also opt for liquids blended with vegetable glycerine over propylene to make larger clouds.

First-time users of e-cigarettes should familiarise themselves with the two types of flavour cartridges: atomisers and cartomizers. They both function the same way by heating the stored liquid within them. However, some would argue that devices that use atomisers are far more effective in delivering the flavour since they don’t have the dense filler materials that line cartomizers have. New users of e-cigarettes are encouraged to understand more about their devices so that they can maximize their use.


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