How to Make More Vapour Using E-Cigarettes

Although they appear like cigarettes from afar, complete with smoke, e-cigarettes are completely different. These heatless devices mimic the use of a cigarette, but without the dangers of inhaling dangerous smoke. Instead, users inhale and puff out water vapours that are flavoured by a cartridge within the device. This exhaled vapour is relatively harmless, allowing users to “smoke” even in non-smoking areas. Continue reading


Lighting Up: How To Start With E-cigarettes

You’ve seen all these people smoking e-cigarettes and have heard the usual PR spiel: healthier, cheaper and better than normal cigarettes. This has made you curious enough to look around and try to get a handle on how to start “vaping,” as many e-cig users call it. Well, the best way to do so is to get a starter kit.

The problem with that is that there are a lot of e-cigarette starter kits on the market. How is someone supposed to choose from all of them? Before going all in, it would be best to try out e-cigarettes via a friend’s or a disposable one first. Continue reading

E-Liquid Flavours: Adventure in Every Bottle

For most vapers, finding the best flavours is akin to searching for the Holy Grail. There are people who have been vaping for years but are still looking for the one product that will perfectly hit the spot. It’s not just about choosing the brand from the starting mixers to premier e-liquid companies, each one boasts of a flavor to top all others.

The conservative types often stick to the mixes that best replicate the taste of actual cigarettes. Those who are new to vaping will almost always go for regular tobacco, cigar or menthol flavours. As soon as curiosity steps in though, your e-cigarette shopping list will start to have chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and even strawberry e-juices on it. Continue reading

Up in Smoke: The Upsides of E-Cigarettes

In the United Kingdom, smoking traditional cigarettes at a public park or a restaurant can be a real drag because someone is always bound to ask the smoker to put out his or her fags. As no one will want to make a big fuss, cigarette smokers usually have no choice but to find another place to smoke or put their cigarettes out. This is something that won’t happen when people use e cigs. Continue reading

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

You’ve recently heard about e-cigarettes from a friend, and now you can’t stop thinking about the possibilities. The timing is simply perfect since you’ve been meaning to quit smoking after several failed attempts. However, before giving e-cigarettes a try, you naturally wish to know exactly how they work. Don’t worry, though, since many companies sell all-in-one starter kits for beginners that come with easy instructions. Continue reading

The Pleasures of Smoking E-Cigarettes

For centuries, smoking has always been a source of pleasure for many people in all parts of the globe. The nicotine that cigarettes contain stimulates the brain to give smokers satisfaction and enjoyment. However, it can be addictive when the body becomes accustomed to the pleasure and presence of nicotine in your system. Continue reading