How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

You’ve recently heard about e-cigarettes from a friend, and now you can’t stop thinking about the possibilities. The timing is simply perfect since you’ve been meaning to quit smoking after several failed attempts. However, before giving e-cigarettes a try, you naturally wish to know exactly how they work. Don’t worry, though, since many companies sell all-in-one starter kits for beginners that come with easy instructions. Continue reading


The Fun in Using E-Cigarettes

One of the objections many people have against traditional tobacco-based cigarettes is the lingering smell that tobacco smoke leaves behind. Unfortunately, non-smokers and even many smokers find the odor of tobacco smoke unpleasant and offensive. Additionally, tobacco smoking also produces an unpleasant aftertaste. Continue reading

Fun Facts About Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re wondering about electronic cigarettes, you are just one of many people raring to understand more about this smoking alternative. After all, it does sound quite promising to have an alternative to normal cigarettes that is cleaner and far less troublesome to use. That said, here are a few fun facts about e-cigs or personal vaporizers. Continue reading